Labbayk Ya Hussain

Labbayk Ya Hussain

Commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S) - Muharram 1437

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With service as our core value, we aim to create a platform for unity and collective servitude within the greater community.  Producing cutting-edge and contemporary content, we aim to be a breath of fresh air in the mainstream Muslim media.

What our viewers have said

Great channel with a variety of shows, we always have the channel on in our living room!!
Ali Kassar, London UK

Wow just wow, what a channel really amazing!!!Mohammed Jaffar, Najaf Iraq

Our family used to tune into Safeer TV online and are now extremely excited by the launch this Summer on British Television. Congratulations for reaching this milestone and ensuring that the message of the Panjatan is spreading across the globe. Ali Sayed, London, United kIngdom

We without fail tune into listen to the inspiring lectures by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani. Thank you for providing airtime to credible speakers who have had a massive impact in the Shia community and outside.Abulqasim Hassan, London, United kIngdom

I am really excited for the children’s shows on Safeer and my children have been anticipating the media. It’s really good that the channel is trying to make shows for children, and I am very happy to be supporting the children’s shows.Mohsin Shirazi, Portsmouth, United Kindgom

I really enjoy the wide variety of shows the Safeer TV offer to it's viewers. All the shows are excellently executed and well presented. I particularly enjoy recent Documentaries like 'The Heritage Trail' and 'Shia Destruction', that offer us an insight into different cultures and current issues. I hope Safeer TV continue to spread the message of Islam and AhlulBayt for many years to come!Imran Janmohamed, London

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Whether you are an aspiring producer, a financial expert, PR or sales expert or simply someone who wants to contribute to the message of The Ahlulbayt (as) and Imam Al-Mahdi (as), we can provide you with a chance.

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