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" Maybe this Friday " is the name of a weekly show which is going to be broadcast on safeer TV on Fridays. This show is supposed to address the issue of savior and those events which have happened in the past and the ones which are about to happened in the future. This program has also paved the way for those who want to talk to the savior that they believe in. The viewers Can record a selfie talking to their savior and send it to us via our website

First Episode


maybe this Friday trailer


Here is the reappearance times newspaper. It is supposed to give you some information about the events which are about to happen in appearance era according to ahadith.

Talk Show

Sayed mostafa is a researcher in saviour concept. He will be asked some questions in terms of the past and the future of the world.

Talking to the Saviour

We believe that most of people believe in a saviour who is going to put the whole the world out of misery whether he or she is religious or not. So whoever you are and whatever you believe in just try to talk to the saviour and send it to us.


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