Q: Where can I find the schedule for Safeer TV ?


The schedule for Safeer TV can be found on

Q: Where does Safeer TV broadcast from ?


Safeer TV broadcast from London, United Kingdom

Q: Where can I watch Safeer TV from ?


Safeer TV can be watched on

Q: Can I give Khums money to Safeer TV ?


Yes. Safeer TV has the required ijaza from his Eminence Ayotuallah Seestani and other leading marajai in Najaf Al Ashraf

Q: How can I contribute to Safeer TV ?


You can contribute by sending  a cheque to the following details:

  • Safeer TV, 131 Walm Lane, London, NW2 3AU

Q: Can I volunteer for Safeer TV ?


Yes, you can volunteer with us. If interested, please fill the volunteer form on:

Q: Can I set up monthly contributions for outside the UK as well


Yes, you can setup monthly donations.  For more information, please call us on +44 (0) 203 515 1110. You can also email us

Q: I live in the USA where I recieve Dish Network or Direct TV channels. Can I watch Safeer TV on one of these Cable networks ?


As we are a fairly new TV channel, at this point in time, we do not have partnership with Dish or Direct TV.However, we are working towards being available to our viewers in the US. In the mean time, you can watch our shows on Roku or through live stream on

Q: Do you live stream ?


Yes, we do live stream. Just click on

Q: What sorts of programs do you have ?


Safeer TV covers a range of shows from comedies to hard hitting investigative documentaries, children’s cartoons, films, drama, news, social programmes and  religious shows. We also have live feeds from all our holy cities  including Karbala, Najaf, Kadhmain and Mashhad, and not to forget our exclusive  live call-in shows with our esteemed guests – we guarantee to have something for everyone.

Q: What is the aim of Safeer TV ?


We aim to educate, enhance, and guide people towards the true message of Islam using the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (as).

Q: Does Safeer TV have any political affiliations ?


We always have been and will continue to be an A-Political Organisation.To help us maintain balance, we work with the Marja’ in Najaf e Ashraf, ensuring that we fall within the boundaries of Islam and maintain harmony

Q: Why Safeer TV


The global Muslim population exceeds 1.5 billion and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

Recent events and the changing dynamics of the Muslim world have fuelled the need for more independent and effective mediums for informing and educating Muslims globally.

Many platforms have lacked the skills and creativity to explore new programming concepts and have held to traditional programming. There is always a demand for new ideas, whilst balancing the immediate needs of the community which need to be adressed.

We provide an innovative, fresh and contemporary alternative to what is available at the moment through media concepts that are both socially and religiously accepted. Through tailouring content wich is entertaining and informative, we aim to provide an alternative medium for the propogation of the message of Islam.

Q: How does Safeer TV sustain itself ?


We have various income streams in place that will allow us to generate income to not only covers our costs, but to work towards yielding a promising profit in the near future.

Q: How do we advertise with Safeer TV ?


If you would like to advertise with Safeer TV, please email us on with your name and phone and we will call you to discuss how we can help you spread your company’s name

Q: I would like to sponsor a show /dua for my marhumeen, how do I do that ?


If you would like to sponsor, please email us on with your name and phone and we will call you to discuss this further