We have implemented a unique marketing strategy. By using a blend of various digital,  visual and direct marketing techniques, our strategy is innovative and cutting edge.

This has resulted in a growth of brand loyalty and increased viewer retention. Our vision implements  various forms of spreading knowledge and awareness through a united, single banner. In addition to our broadcast enterprise we have created a brand that caters for the vibrancy and diversity which is displayed in the Muslim community. We stand for helping people change their lives, both on screen through our content and off-screen through providing opportunities in our working enviroment.

We have been blessed to have the best role models known to man in the example of the Ahlulbayt (as), therefore in service to the holy household, we endeavour to never compromise on the quality of our content.

The key towards achieving a successful broadcast network can be found in the collaborated efforts of various private enterprises, institutes, media and faith based organisations all working together towards a single goal.

We would like you to join us on this exciting journey in a capacity which would benefit us all. This cooperative effort will ensure that productions are covered from various facets and fields and not restricted to certain demographics.

A global channel like Safeer TV needs worldwide representation, and this can only be achieved by portraying various communities and societies across our demographic base. By working with us as a partner, we promise you a platform where you can not only further your brand, but be a part of the Thawab e Jariya. We are small enough to offer you a personal touch, yet large enough to bring you bespoke serving offerings and sponsorship packages.

If you have an idea that you feel would be a hit then do get in contact with us. We are always looking to partner with people who share the same innovative and out of the box thinking to work towards the pleasure of Allah (swt). With the Grace of Allah (swt), we are at a very exciting time in our journey. Since our launch on 15th Sha’ban 1435 we are slowly but surely reaching our objectives and want you to be a part of it.

Together We Serve.