We have various income streams in place that will allow us to generate income to not only covers our costs, but to work towards yielding a promising profit in the near future, to reinvest and improve upon our channel quality production.

We predict that Safeer TV will reach a level of sustainability by its 3rd year in which all income streams introduced are forecasted to reach maturity.

Funding streams would include (but are not limited) to the below:

1. Public Funding: Where the channel seeks to raise funds from the viewers and the public by the means of various campaigns. We have established the ‘Safeer Club’; an exclusive circle that will give members exclusive content and privileges as well as discounts, perks and invitations to key events and much more.

2. Regional Studio: By opening studios across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, America and other strategic regions – not only will we be able to further enhance our reach but also increase revenue from local grass root levels.

3. Investments: The key to starting the channel will be key strategic funding and investments. The channel aims to develop core funders that will enable it to set up investment arms to fund its long term sustainability plan.

Besides unrestricted capital funding, the channel will also approach specialists who can set up investment arms specifically for the operations of the channel. These will be set up as third party entities, to ensure that assets are not solely owned by each organisation – rather a memorandum of understanding will dictate how the funds will be distributed.